Friday, December 23, 2011

what i did today

My Day.

I got up much earlier than I wanted to (especially considering I should technically be on "vacation" time this week), because I realllllly did not want to miss the meeting of a new knitting group I joined a few weeks ago. The knitting group meets at 10am on Friday mornings, and it's about 30 minutes south of me.... and I really do need to write an entire post about how I ended up in this group and what trying to "fit in" has looked like, because there is definitely some meat on that bone.


I got up early, and even after prattling around for a bit and preparing for departure, I still found myself realllllly not wanting to leave because it was freezing cold outside (literally - 29 degrees here last night) and because TheMostImportantGuy was having a lazy morning here today as it was his first day off for the holidays, too. But since I reallllllly did not want to miss the knitting group, I pushed on through, got myself all dolled up and festive looking by wearing a red hand-knit sweater and some holiday earrings. Then I dragged myself out of the house even though I really wanted to crawl back into bed, and I got in the car, and along the drive, I picked up a soy chai latte at Peets, and I drove all the way down there to the knitting group, and I parked the car, and that's when I noticed that the street parking was way more open than it usually is.

And then I looked at my calendar and saw that I had entered, "NO knitting group" in today's little box.

So poor little dolled up me and my soy chai latte drove home. And I knit alone.