Friday, February 10, 2012

aaand even more parading!

I have a very sweet friend who knits for me. All. The. Time. It's my friend TheBon, and I love the fact that she knits things for me even though I am a knitter and can knit for myself (because seriously, most of my other knitting friends don't knit for each other for some reason. Odd, that.)

Over the years I have amassed quite the collection of handknit Christmas ornaments that she has sent me, and this year, she sent me two new ones!

Soooo darling. And so...wee!! She has knit little armies of these things in the past, but I can't seem to find a post about them on her blog showing the quantities of these little ornaments she will do in a whack. If you are on Ravelry, try clickety-clicking here and here and see if that works out for you. Do click. It's worth it. If you think these things are cute on their own, you will just die when you see them en masse.

Guess what else TheBon knit for me recently. Recently being last year (last year!?! I know!! For someone who appreciates being knitted for, you'd think I'd have acknowledged this properly by now! I suck!! *sigh*)
Anyhow.....last year, TheBon knit me a shawl.

She dyed one of the yarns herself to get it "just so". And, she knit two of these shawls, you guys: one for me, and another for herself. We wore them to Sock Summit together and we were the talk of the town. So much so, I personally do believe that we might have been part of the inspiration for Yarn Harlot to knit one.

I love it, and I wear it often :-)
Thanks Bon!!!

The parade continues tomorrow....


The Bon said...

I even have photos of you wearing it at sock summit that I need to edit! Also, I've made those ravelry project pages public, so they should work even if folks don't have rav accounts.

I just like to knit for other people! When I knit for other you and other knitters, I just try to pick projects that I think you love but are unlikely to knit or to get to any time soon. It helps keep me from drowning in finished items (I think I finished nearly 40 projects last year, and over 40 the year before!) Plus, I know you appreciate it!

Sandyeca said...

These are just too adorable !!

Bev said...

I knit those same two little guys after seeing your friend's posts on Rav!