Monday, February 27, 2012

the chihuahua still knows its in there

I'm not usually keen on knitting bags that have zipper closures because I sometimes get the yarn zipped up into them. But since the chihuahua seems to always find her way into my messenger bag style knitting bag, including dragging the bag down from a coffee table or bad and undoing a magnetic snap, I thought I'd give a zippered bag a try.

She can't get it open, but she still knows what's inside.
And it kinda pisses her off ;-)


~Donna~ said...

I think Teeny needs a time out!

And I also think your yarn bags need to live in a locked safe. :)

Linda said...

Hysterical, PLUS you've got photographic proof. My, my, my: your dog is entertaining you while you're under the weather! Hope you feel better soon.

bibliogrrl said...

Oohh - what kind of bag is that?