Sunday, February 05, 2012

Highlights of this birthday weekend:

* As pictured above: a little bit of knitting time, plus cupcakes and candles from TheMostImportantGuy, who sang Happy Birthday to me twice :-)

* Friday night cocktails with the ladies of the Friday morning knitting group. So. Much. Fun.

* The Friday night cocktails were only made possible thanks to TheMIG, who picked MyFavoriteKid up from school, took care of his dinner, and held down the fort so that I could go enjoy myself.

* I splurged on a BirthdayPresentToSelf: a pair of earrings from one of my most favorite local jewelry makers (she turns vintage buttons into jewelry, and well...we know how I feel about vintage buttons!). I'll have to take a close up for you, although I was wearing them in that photo of my yesterday.

* Lots of cards in the mail from family, including flowers sent to me by TheMIG's mom :-)

* Saturday morning practice at the zen center, followed by appliance shopping...which might not sounds very birthday-ish, but I have noooo problem considering it a gift to be getting a new kitchen at some point.

* Also a pit-stop at the Mac cosmetics store, where I went in for a just a replacement eye shadow, but because it was slow, and because I had mentioned it was my birthday, one of the consultants there made my whole face up. Fun!

* A Super-Bowl party hosted by my parents today. TheMIGuy headed out this morning for a conference in Chicago and MyFK was off this weekend with his dad, leaving me with zero plans for the Super-Bowl. My parents showed up to my house with everything, and I do mean everything, for a party. Guacamole, stuffed potato skins (and a salad--phew!), beer, and a candle to go on some cake (and more singing!). They even showed up with the paper plates, napkins, plasticware, and cups so I didn't have to do one damn thing but flick on the television. How cool was that?!

Gooooood weekend :-)


Kerry said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful...just like you!!!