Wednesday, February 15, 2012

last of the parade o' knitting for awhile....

I finally finished up the little Mystery Knit project I had been working on. What I mean by mystery is that this was a KAL (KnitALong) that a group of people did online where I designer chopped up a pattern into chunks and gave it to us in "clues" each week....and we had no idea what we were knitting when we started. We were just told what weight yarn to use, how much was needed, what the suggested needle size was, and what gauge we should get. Then off we went.

It turned out to be a long and narrow crescent shaped shawl.

I decided to use some yarn that Jodi gifted me ages and ages ago. It turned out to be the perfect match.

I had lots of little problems knitting this thing, no fault of the pattern. The knitting of the body was so simple that I would forget to keep track of how many rows I had done (not helped by the fact that at certain points the rows were quite short with only a few stitches). When we got into the lace, someone in the group suggested not using stitch markers to divide things up into smaller sections and I followed that advice blindly (like the sheep that I am), and I just couldn't keep track of where I was and watch tv at the same time.

As got near the end, I worried I might run out of yarn, and I didn't want another error to slow me down, so I just switched yarns and gave it a little contrasting border.

I like wearing this thing.

It's not as fussy as a shawl because it's so narrow. It wears more like a scarf. Just toss it on, easy peasy. But it sort of "reads" as a shawl on some level, and I like it because it feels a little fancier than a scarf.

I see more shawlettes of this shape in my future.

Ravely project page here if you want the details ;-)


bibliogrrl said...

That is LOVELY. I really love narrow shawls, and am crocheting one up for myself now.

Linda said...

VERY attractive!