Saturday, February 18, 2012

snaps on saturday

This is the only way I see MyFavoriteKid these days.... a blur!!

That's him whizzing by in a line with his fellow Winter Drumline team, as they file into the gymnasium for their first performance of the year (photo taken by me, who is parked at the raffle table, volunteering). MyFK tallied it up, and the drumline put in 30 hours this week of rehearsals and meetings. THIRTY HOURS! On top of school and everything else.

He was sort of in tears tonight after the show. His dad had come up to see the performance also, and he was supposed to go off with his dad for the rest of the long weekend...and he just couldn't take it. He's stiff and sore and wants to be home in his own bed with all his comforts about him. I couldn't refuse. But so much for my kid-free weekend. And he has performances almost every Saturday for the month of March, so there will be more rehearsals and performances for him...and more volunteering and less kid-free weekends for me.

Oh, well.

In a few years high school will be over, and it will probably feel like I blinked and the time disappeared...and then I will long for the extra time together. At least that's how I'm framing it ;-)

Honestly, I am SO proud of MyFk. He worked real hard to audition and get the slot in this year's team. It's not his first year in band, but his first year of drumming...and he has just totally rocked it.



Very cool kid you have there! My nephew teaches drum line near Cleveland, OH, so there actually is a career (as well as anger release) in drumming!

~Donna~ said...

In a few years it WILL be over and it WILL have gone by in a blink.

Graduation is on May 26th and my boy is off to college in August.

I hardly see him. :(