Monday, February 20, 2012

something a cute dog can do that is not so cute.

If horses can go to the glue factory, where do cute chihuahuas go?

Sometimes I wanna leave the little chihuahua dog on the curb with a red ribbon around her neck and wicker suitcase full of her dog food in hopes that she goes to nice new forever home. That yarn up there is my schmancy mink and cashmere, and I know she knows it. She opens up the flap to my messenger-style knitting bag and just helps her damn self. This is the 3rd time.

So I untangle and wind up the yarn, and put the ball back into my knitting bag, and the next morning I wake up with this face peeking out at me from under the sheets (just to remind me how cute she is)...

...and in the bed, between she and I, I find this:

4th time!! With this yarn (meaning, shall I mention all the other yarns she has done this to)!

Bow tie, I say!! Wicker suitcase, I'm telling you!!

Since I could never really bear to kick her to the curb, you and I both know that rather than shopping for a wicker suitcase for the chihuahua, I should probably really be shopping for a more secure knitting bag.

I've got some leads and ideas, but I'm open for suggestions. Anyone out there have some pet-proof knitting bag ideas?


Jill said...

Maybe this is too obvious, but she's such a wee doggie, that surely if you put the bag with the flap against the floor or a wall, she wouldn't be able to open it?

Monika said...

Oh haha! Such a little devil! You should start tricking her! Putting Acrylic yarn in your knitting bag, before you go to bed, and hide the good stuff. :o)
Oh, and I would take her, wicker basket or not! But wait, then she and Denny could be double evil, no you better keep her.

Lorena said...

I live by my Tom Bihn bag (The Swift) and while it does have a button, nothing can stop Tiny Kitten when she is in the mood for loving yarn. Hah. Of course by "loving" I mean "nomming." I find that I will button it closed, and then put something over it for good measure. So then. I guess I'm not helpful...

~Donna~ said...

Store it in a locked cabinet?

None of the bags I use are very good knitting bags. They are full of zippers and velcro - because of the commute and biking factor - and I tend to drop things.

I have a LOT of large ziplock baggies in my bags. :)

Anonymous said...

Trick question! There are no cute chihuahuas.