Tuesday, March 06, 2012

i finally know what i have.

I have The Plague.

Okay, maybe I have been watching too many episodes of The Tudors through this illness. But then again, perhaps not. Today MyFavoriteKid called one hour into his after school band practice asking to be picked up early because he'd just tossed his cookies.

Now what say you?!
'Tis indeed The Plague!
We must cast out this evil!
(Okay, yes. Too much Tudors. Definitely.)

Only things accomplished today? I went to the store to pick up fresh fruit and vegetable lest we also develop scurvy. And while I was out, a quick trip into the post office to mail off a package to a friend who has also been ill. Other than that? NOTHIN'!!

I have cancelled every friggin' thing this week and am being held here in The Tower...

Okay. No more Tudors. Well, almost. I only have 1 more episode left anyhow. I think whatever I watch next needs to be a series of happy musicals or something.