Tuesday, March 13, 2012

when you only get two comments a month, it's easy to reply to some of them :-o

In response to yesterday's post, Pickyknitter writes:

I had a chat with the peeps at work the other day about how no one can use the word "persistence" anymore and it has been replaced with "sticktoitiveness". Yet they claimed they had never heard this abomin- errr, word. I now have proof!
Also, I love your sea of white. You can pretend you are on the KnIditarod.

So, I have to tell you that I almost titled that post "fortitude". And as I was about to type that in the title field, I had the same exact conversation in my head, wondering if "sticktoitiveness" was really even a word, and if it was, when did it "become" a word, and how.

As it turns out, there is conflicting etymology and there are also a kajillion other people wondering the same thing about the word sticktoitiveness, and therefor that's really all I found out about the word sticktoitiveness!

And now should we look up kajillion?! Or peeps?? LOL


Pickyknitter said...

I swear I would comment more, but the word verification is a flipping nightmare. I had to submit my comment 4 times this morning. Blah.

Glad you are feeling better and up and at 'em again!

Donnaj said...

Hello I enjoy your blog and am glad you are getting over the lurgy. My husband claims because he is a mountain biker and eats dirt and mud (due to the biking not because he just likes the taste of dirt)he never gets sick. I say "WHATEVER" to him!!!!!!

Linda said...

I require fortitude to keep working on my Topiary. I love it but I am only on the 8 th of 15 pattern repeats ....