Tuesday, April 24, 2012

all talk, no action.

Actually, I remember some boys in high school saying that about me. And look! Now you can say it, too! LOL This is STILL not Part 2, and I know I know I know! I SUCK! But today was my first time taking me turn driving my dad to his radiation appointment, and then after that I spent far too much time down at the post office trying to figure out how to get approved to fix our mail situation at the new house.

We have one mail slot next to our front door, so the mail gets deposited right into the house. It's old and cute and vintage...

(note to self: get off that old sticky tape from where I left 
anote for the postman that the old owner had moved..lame!) 

but a) it is smaller than what is allowed (and far smaller than a skein of yarn!), and b) it's where our tenant in the carriage house would get their mail delivered, too! That is lame!!

We need to add a post somewhere on the property that has two good sized mail boxes (or some other solution) and you cannot believe (well maybe you can) how disorganized the United States Postal Service is about having a process to apply for a change. There is nothing on their website other than how to choose a mailbox and that you need to get permission to change your box from your postmaster. I called the USPS toll free number and they had no information whatsoever.  They only gave me the number of the branch I should call.

I called all day and got no answer or a busy signal. I went in to the office and the guy at the counter asked me if I had completed the application, to which I said no, but of course, I asked for one. Then a supervisor appears and says there is no application.  She goes through my whole request with me, including my showing her several photos of our property, our mail slot, the tenant's rental unit, the access issues, and photos of the mailboxes I saw at Lowe's that we'd like to use.

She then tells me that I just need to write a letter and mail it in an envelope simply addressed "Postmaster" and with our zip code on it.  And that I should include everything I just showed her (like, could ya have told me that before I spent 20 minutes with you??) and she says I shouldn't hope for much.  Neato.

Anyhow.  I spent my available blogging time doing all that, and then I made a little detour to the bakery.

 See, I'd know I could stay home and blog tonight, but it's our local knitting group tonight and it's SincereSheep's birthday, so.....


Lorena said...

I hope that gets resolved soon; I have it on good authority that in about ten days you're going to need something big enough to accept a skein of yarn.... ;-)