Monday, April 30, 2012


I just spent a huge portion of my free time tonight cleaning up a huge mess.  There was an unopened jar on the kitchen counter, and I knocked it over, and it hit the floor into a shattered mess, it's contents pouring out everywhere.

Wanna know what was in it??!

Gefilte fish.

And MY jar was "Gefilte Fish packed with Gel".  Ewww!

So there's me, in a wheelchair, try real hard not to puncture my tires with broken glass, wiping up gel covered fish cakes, all the while swatting away two dogs and two cats that are circling me like vultures and smacking their lips. 

Took me awhile to mop up (understatement).

I am feeling some relief today. The performance is over, the wedding is over, and we finally have figured out who we are going to use for the cabinet installation, so the kitchen project is starting to get back on track.  Tomorrow I am taking my dad to an appointment, and then I am freeeeee (well, except the mountain of laundry, plus doing some cooking for the week ahead).  But freeeee!!!  Free enough to finally get out that final chapter, and that is exactly what I am gonna do ;-)


Gina said...

How did you manage to keep the cats and other critters away from all that wonderfully smelling, glass-laden goodness? That must be a good swat you have going. I'm glad you survived with no puncture wounds to you or the tires on your chair.