Wednesday, April 04, 2012

more kids in my life to be proud of

The young ladies and gents of the high school knitting club I teach are completing squares for blankets that will be donated to a charitable organization that gets the blankets to kids in Africa that are orphaned by aids.

(just some of the many)

They worked out everything from choosing what they wanted to knit and for whom, to getting the yarn donated to them, to helping the newer members learn how to knit, to creating a system for getting the yarn distributed amongst them, to tracking who did how many squares (they are earning some of their required charity hours by knitting---woot!), to getting the appropriate paperwork for that signed off by their guiding teacher, to fundraising to get the postage money needed to send the blankets sent to the organization that then delivers them to the kids.

In other words, I show up and do pretty much nothing! Basically, I just show up and help when asked, and they do everything else it takes to run their own campus club.

I think they're awesome :-)


Kerry said...

Those kids are every bit as amazing as you! You've not only invested your own time and energy to make a difference with these kids, you've also encouraged them to dig deep and make a difference for others. You truly inspire me!

Linda said...

Wonderful work you're doing with those teens!