Tuesday, May 22, 2012

more kitchen details

A few people who know me live and in person (and also follow the blog) talked to me about yesterday's kitchen photos when they saw me today. Almost every one of them asked what our flooring was going to look like. So here it is....

...along with a few other things.  From left to right, the paint strip (we've painted the rest of the interior of the house in the top 5 lighter shades).  The subway tile there will be our backsplashes.  There is a sample of the gray quartz countertop that will go near the sink and stove. All sitting on top of a sample of the flooring, which is a gray and brown swirly sort of thing in marmoleum.  The swirl reminds me of Super Elastic Bubble Plastic (which must date me, for sure LOL). The grays in the flooring pick up the countertop and wall colors and the brown in the flooring ties in with the oak floors in the rest of the house. 

Several people have asked my why I'm going with marmoleum instead of tile, and as a person who uses a wheelchair, crutches, and stands on one leg to reach upper cabinets, I'm just not a fan of tile.  Standing or crutching on smooth tile is risky, and if I add texture to counteract that, it's harder to clean and harder to push a wheelchair on it. 

And besides. I like the marmoleum. It's grooooovy ;-)


The Bon said...

I heart marmoleum. At first glance of the photo I thought you were going to put in tile, and I think you know how much I hate my tile floor, what wit the "everything shatters when it hits it" issue.