Saturday, May 12, 2012

snapless saturday

I always post a photo on Saturdays, but if I did that today, it would have been the same shot as yesterday!

I got up at 5:30am to be at the school volunteering by 7am.  It was a really fabulous event, and except for two things, it went pretty seamless. 

1) One of the band directors felt faint on stage, and almost passed out. I got him some water, opened the doors for some air, and he conducted the second half of his group's performance. Then I sent him to the hospitality room for some more water, fruit, and juice.  When I checked on him a few minutes later, he was very flushed, and 15 minutes after that, when his next group (his older kids) were about to go on, I found out that an ambulance had been called.  He looked okay as he was leaving, laughing that he had too much coffee before the show and not enough water on the bus ride in, and his kids still performed and the whole day just progressed forward.

2)  While the bands were performing in the theater, the choral groups were performing down the hall. At one point as a band was about to start, "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" started leaking out of the sound system in the theater.  It sent me on a bit of a scramble, and it turned out that the soloists mike down the hall (cordless) was on the same frequency as the system in the theater. Who woulda knew.

Those both sound like big things, now that I type them up, but honestly...the day went really really smoothly regardless, and I sure hope our school gets to host again because it's worth some bucks to the music department if we do!

Now I go, and pass out from exhaustion!