Friday, June 08, 2012

the daily ritual

Every single day, Teeny pesters Riley in this little game that I can never seem to capture properly on film....but here it is anyhow. Note that she (the wee little chihuahua) is the antagonist.

I think what really needs to happen is that I need to try to capture it as a video.

This week has been bananas-crazy-busy.  Stuff for the kitchen remodel has moved forward, including countertops going in and tile starting today.  This past Wednesday was MyFavoriteKid's last day of school, and of course, he had all sorts of last minutes this-n-thats that he needed assistance with early in the week, plus I'm still taking dad up for radiation a couple of times a week.  Somewhere in there I also taught all the stuff I normally teach and met with a stained glass person about designing the cabinet doors for the new kitchen (it always comes back to the new kitchen, doesn't it).

Tomorrow MyFK is having an early birthday party (because if he waits until his real birthday on the 20th to do it, most of the kids are gone on vacations).  So tomorrow I have a house full of teenagers.

I'm sure I'll be hiding in my room most of the day knitting and watching silly old movies....and throwing food to the pack o' kids every couple of hours.