Friday, June 29, 2012

my prayer to the kitchen gods

crazy shadows on my wall at sunset tonight

I am utterly exhausted. A bit from not sleeping well, but mostly I think just from stress.

As for the (never ending) kitchen remodel, today was just....a trip. 

My day started at 7am with a text message from the painter (who is holding up the whole shebang at this point) saying he is not coming to work on our house today.

Several back and forth messages ensured that would not be the case, but by 10am he was asking to be paid for 90% of the bill, even though I'm not convinced that 90% of the work is done (and he's done other work for use before, and never have we paid him until the job was complete).   We are meeting with him tomorrow at 8am (?!) to discuss.  Yay.

Dear God, Great Spirit, The Universe, The Powers That Be, The Goddess of Home Construction, Whoever You Are Out There....can you hear me?  
(*tap tap*  Is this thing on??)
 I want all uncompleted work properly completed, and I want all these damn contractors out of my house. It was supposed to be done a week ago (actually, it was supposed to be done mid-April), so please hurry. I want to put my house back together. And I want to make toast.  Thank you.