Wednesday, June 13, 2012

so which side do you think i passed on?

I guess it's going to take me a little bit longer for me to write up the 2nd post about the Brenda Dayne class.  Sorry! Today just got out of control!  I thought I had most of my day free to spend time with MyFavoriteKid, clean house, experiment with some new recipes in the kitchen, pick cherries, blog, and maybe even knit more than just 1 row for a change.

That is not at all how my day went, though.  I ended up having to zoom over to the other house 3 separate times to deal with the flooring guys, the tile guy, and look at some paint options.  Since I was in the car and day had been basically shot, I just kept rolling. I went to dealers and returned flooring samples, the countertop samples, then I went and purchased the sealer for the bamboo countertop, and picked up paint chips.

My (current/not new) house at present looks like a cyclone struck it, but MyFK and I did pick some cherries from the lower branches (there are at least a dozen birds in the upper branches right this moment having the time of their lives. Everything they drop, the dogs are trying to eat. And the cats are hunting them.)

My goal tomorrow is to try to make a Spanish version of a Bing Cherry Brandy, plus some cherry syrup to add to soda water and/or sangria (knowing me, screw the soda...hand me the wine).  These are pretty lofty goals as I have no friggin' idea where I am supposed to find the time to be in the kitchen tomorrow when I have dad's (final!) trip to radiation, plus teaching two classes (knitting and dance), checking in over at the other house with the builder guy and the painter man, and all the other stuff.

Anyhow, I spent a lot of time on the road today, and I probably should not have been whipping out my camera to get a shot of this, but I  just had to.

And hence the title of the post.

(hint: I took it as a challenge.)


Lorena said...

I have a friend who lives a few hours north of you, and her dogs love to eat cherries too! I thought that was the weirdest thing until last spring when Backup Dog saw me eating loquats right off the tree and wanted some too. Now she can't get enough of them. Dogs are so odd!