Monday, June 18, 2012

what is the universe trying to tell me

Not only is the plumbing of the upstairs bathroom screwed up, causing there to now be a portion of the ceiling cut out, we have now discovered another goofy issue. 

There is an electrical problem with some older wiring to an overhead light in the bar area near the kitchen.  The fix will require some rewiring that will probably involve the electrician cutting (more!) holes in the walls and ceiling.  The electrician isn't free to do the work until Wednesday.  This means the painters (who are already on-site and ready to roll) will now be delayed as they can't paint a wall that is about to be dug into....and this also means that the appliance delivery that was scheduled for this Thursday will now probably need to be pushed out until next week.

I am so sick to death of working on this kitchen.
And as easy going and wonderful as this batch of contractors has been to work with, I am just sick to death of people being in and out of the house every day.

Pass me the yarn.
And a cosmopolitan.


M-H said...

It *will* all be worth it, I promise. But I do sympathise. Such shit is happening to you at the moment.