Thursday, July 12, 2012

jiggedy jig!

Ahh, so good to be home after such a loooong day of driving.   The drive went well, though...and we listened to interesting audiobooks and podcasts.

The dogs were thrilled to be picked up from the doggie-place, and the cats were happy to see us (in that outright-pissed-off sort of way of showing love, that only cats can do).  One of the cats (I suspect MrDarcy) peed in one of the dog's beds (Riley's) which I am sure is saying something, although I do not know exactly what.  Tomorrow I try to wash it all out, but I may not be successful in that.  We'll have to see how it goes.

I'm going to flop into bed and watch the Tour de France re-cap show and see what I missed while on the road, then try to get some rest so I can try to make it to the Friday knitting group in the morning!

I leave you with some funky signs spotted during our road trip, the first from a co-op/volunteer run coffee shop in Port Townsend, the second from a health food co-op in Shasta (where yes, we did indeed stop again always...but no sister sightings).

I cannot make one bit o' sense out of that last one.   I mean, I am fully aware that Shasta is full of the crystal toting granola types, this person really trying to "manifest" puppies????


Pickyknitter said...

more germane - who the hell needs more than one st bernard?