Friday, July 20, 2012

mini hap-py

Once upon a time, I knit a Hap Blanket.....

... and I knit that Hap Blanket for me.
I altered the pattern and up-sized it so that it was the perfect couch throw, covering me from just under my neck down to my toes.

Then we adopted Teeny, and she decided that my blanket was hers.

If I would drape it over the back of the couch, she would drag it down.  If I would move it to another room, she would sleep on it no matter what room I moved it to.  She would snarl at anyone that came near her if they tried to move the blanket, move her, or try take it away.  She usually burrows into it, and she's so tiny that you don't even know she is in there unless you poke at it and see if the mass of blanket growls back at you.

When I first saw she was glomming onto it, I remembered that I had a little leftover yarn, so I started to knit a smaller doggie-sized blanket for her so I could eventually reclaim my blankie. It became evident pretty quickly that even if I made a blanket for her, she was already ridiculously attached to the big one, and I figured why bother then.  I tossed the half finished mini-blanket into the UFO pile (UnFinished Objects), and there it has sat for over a year.

A couple of weeks ago, a culled through the UFO pile.  I frogged (ripped out) projects that I know I will never finish, and I got myself organized to work on the ones that I would indeed like to finish.

The wee doggie blanket was one of them, and I finished it today.

The Little Pest followed me all over the house the moment it came off the needles. She barely even let me sew in the ends, she was climbing all over me. She even sat on it while I was trying to photograph it.  I haven't even washed and blocked it yet, and probably never will. Why bother?!

The reason I chose to finally finish this 2nd blanket is because I have been dragging the bigger blanket back and forth between the two houses, and now I won't have to anymore! 
There will be one in each place ;-)

I'm still slowly working on tackling the UFO pile (it's really not that big).  Next from that pile are some black socks with black beading, but the dark color makes for difficult nighttime knitting. I can only work on those during the day, and when I can focus on the lace and beading charts.  So I have also cast-on tonight for a lovely simple lace stole tonight, called Swan's Wake.   I believe it's going to be the perfect knit for watching the Olympics, but if it isn't, I might knit another big hap-style blanket for me, one that I keep out of Teeny's reach!

My Ravelry project page for the doggie blanket is here.


The Bon said...

hooray for the mini hap!

Monika said...

What a cutie! One of my dogs has claimed a very sheepy smelling shawl for himself. He drags it everywhere, when he wants to ly down. :o)