Friday, July 27, 2012

one very long day!

Three hours allotted for driving to camp and grabbing lunch, two and a half hours for the talent show....

(which was awesome!! and MyFavoriteKid had so much fun! drums, guitar, and steel drums this year!) 

 ....and then just over 3 hours to get back home.  Long day in the saddle!!!!

I came home and made a tomato and mozzarella salad and plopped down to watch the most ridiculous Olympics Opening Ceremony I have ever seen.  Over and over again, I found myself saying, "Whaaaaat??!"   Commentator Meredith Vieira summed it up best when she was trying to describe what she was watching and said, "And there's one more thing I don't understand."   What a hot crazy chaotic mess!   No bother though....when it comes to the Olympics I'm far more interested in watching the actual games anyhow.

Off to sleep I go.  Gardening class bright and early tomorrow!


M-H said...

I loved it! What didn't you understand? It was chaotic, but that's what Britain is like. Maybe your commentary didn't help? I've heard that some of the US comentaries were a bit confused.

Jean said...

Well, you possibly had to be English to understand it which as it had a worldwide audience maybe wasn't good. You see I loved the Queen with Daniel Craig and Rowan Atkinson and there recognition of the NHS. And I loved the way the torch was passed to the next generation. Which bit can I explain?!

Helen said...

Heh, you need the BBC. The American broadcast was cut and had crap commentary. It was a great ceremony!