Sunday, August 05, 2012

a patio enhancement sort of weekend

With the kitchen remodel finally done, we are now on to cleaning up the yard.  Today (after many days of comparison shopping around and test-sitting) we invested in a patio set.

It's a USA made wrought iron set that should last us forever (my parents have something similar that is in perfect condition and it's almost 40 years old). Our favorite thing about it is that it is see-through enough that when we are inside the house and the curtains are open, it doesn't look like a big blob of dense furniture blocking the view from the house into the yard.  It's also ridiculously comfortable for not appearing to be.  It was the floor model out in the yard of a garden center, dirty and covered with cobwebs... but we got a great deal on it, and it washed up perfectly with just water and a sponge. The pottery thing sitting on top holds a can of fuel to make a little flame-y mini fire-pit sort of thing. I'll have to be careful not to torch the neighbors redwood tree that hangs into our yard.

Then we spent the rest of the day working on the beginnings of enhancing the 50-foot long and 2-foot wide border between the pool and fence. It's going from being a full on weed bed (thanks, former owners!) to being transformed into some-sort-of-something-else that has large planters with river rock in between and some trellises.

That's a lot of words for taking a break from writing.


Jen Anderson said...

I'm glad to see they still make cast iron patio furniture. My mother's love of white plastic outdoor furniture had me worrying about the options I'll have when I eventually have an outdoors (NYC apartment for now).

Anonymous said...

GOOD ON YOU for choosing patio furniture made in the USA. You'll be glad you went for the durable stuff, and the Americans who made it are glad you bought it.

--Lynda in Oregon