Saturday, August 11, 2012

snaps on saturday

Sorry if this first snapshot grosses you out (personally, I love this sort of stuff).
Vulture with squirrel breakfast.

Thanks for keeping our streets clean, VultureMan!

I think he's so pretty.  (I know you may not. To each his own.)

We saw the vulture on the way to the local nursery to pick up those smaller wine barrels for planting herbs in.  Then we went and got back to back el cheapo haircuts, and grabbed some el cheapo Indian food for lunch at one of our favorite casual places, Viks.

Best deal in town, I'm tellin' ya'.

After lunch we went and ordered a dining room table.  Not el cheapo unfortunately, but of very good quality. We've been looking at the tables at The Wooden Duck for over a year now (hence the cheap haircuts for the past year and why I am now dyeing my hair out of box from the supermarket).  The tables at this shop are made in house and from reclaimed wood.  They take awhile to make, but we should have it in time for Thanksgiving.

After the furniture place, we made a trip to the Cactus Jungle in Berkeley to buy succulents for the landscaping project thingy we are working on.

Then we went home and planted the succulents and the herbs in their various locations, and now I am getting my last fill of the Olympics.

Ludmilla commented on yesterday's post wondering what that was all about.
No, it's not in an inside "joke"...just a reference.  The dance ensemble is presently rehearsing for a big show we are putting on in October, and the name of the show is "Vista Point". 
I didn't mean to leave people feeling left out.