Monday, August 13, 2012

vintage me

Well, it's  not that vintage of a photo, but it's definitely almost another lifetime ago.

That's me during culinary school while I was on an exchange program trip to France (which puts the photo I believe at circa 2002...10 years ago! Gah!). 

I'm concentrating on a tourne of potato ;-)
I will have you know that I still own that potato peeler that is in front of me on the cutting board, too. Hahahaha (I can tell it's mine because of the green circle of tape around the handle; it's an OXO and it's da' bomb)

I'm doing some intermittent deep house cleaning/purging and finding all sorts of wack-a-doodle crap, so I'm sure there will be more.


The Bon said...

I <3 OXO. I have an OXO peeler too, and I love it.

Also, I was in France for part of 2002 also, as part of a European study tour I did for undergrad. Just another one of our weird links. :P

Lorena said...

What are you doing in August of 2015? I'm planning my Aunt and Uncle's 50th wedding anniversary and we're thinking about doing the food ourselves.... ;-)

(Kidding! I totally wouldn't ask you to come down for that, only, how funny-fun would that be?

Pickyknitter said...

One of the ladies at work went to culinary school and when I mentioned your tourne potatoes she shuddered.