Tuesday, September 04, 2012

another day...

News of the day (jeez, more bullets!):

~ My hand will be fine. It's a very deep puncture so it's multi-colored and very sore, especially if I bonk it, but it looked much improved after getting some air overnight. It hurts more to push a wheelchair than it does to use crutches, which I find odd, but placement is everything, I guess! 

~ Oh, and it does not hurt to knit...yay!  So I knit for a little bit today.

~ I took the dog for a recheck at the vet, and you will just have to wait to hear more about that tomorrow (sorry) because it really warrants a full blown blogpost of its own, and I need to sleep on it.

~ MyFavoriteKid stayed home from school today sick with a cold, but he was able to watch one of his teachers give a lecture by having one of classmates turning on skype.  Kids these days.  ;-)