Saturday, September 08, 2012

snaps on saturday

The high school knitting club has been donated a ton of yarn over the last few months.  A huge portion of it is one from just person.....a coach at the school whose wife very sadly passed away last year, leaving a ton of yarn in her wake.  This is his second delivery of boxes to the club. It must just be oooozing out of the walls, truly giving me an full-on true picture of what it means to be a knitter that has gone "Sable" (knitters don't go gold or platinum, we go S.A.B.L.E...Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy).  I think the knitting club has received close to 10 bins from this man (and there have been other donations from other people too, so it was backing up!).

Today we were let into the school so that we could sort through it all. 
Yarn Wrangling, as it were ;-)

What you see here is maybe 1/4 of what we had to cull through. It took 4 people 3 hours, and we still had one final bin left that I just couldn't bear to crack into because even if we sorted through it's contents, we were pretty much out of storage room anyhow!  It's mostly ack-crylic (but perfect for the kids to knit charity items for), and there is also a shitload of novelty yarn, but I think the kids can whip out some fun scarves that they can sell to raise money for other projects or something.

It turns out that even though the coaches wife was a knitter, she mostly did crochet. There were several fully completed blankets in the bins that just needed the ends sewn in, so the kids are going to finish them off and donate them to a local hospital.  There were also many WIPs (Works In Progress), mostly in the form of the beginnings of blankets that were abandoned after the first few inches.  The kids are going to finish these off just where they are and then turn them into scarves, also for donation.  Kinda like this:

(that's me....sporting the neon acrylic! LOL)

So now that the kids have the yarn sorted by weight and color have a separate bin full of chenille and boucle and another full of fun fur....they're ready to rock.  They're going to start knitting up a storm for charity.