Wednesday, October 10, 2012

bigger hammer!

My poor iPad has been on the fritz.   A couple of months ago, I had two separate episodes of red streaks showing up on my screen in certain sections, then mysteriously going away.  The iPad worked fine for a few weeks after that, and then 4 days ago, I got neon green streaks instead of the read, and they were not mysteriously going away, and rebooting wasn't helping any either.

Tonight TheMostImportantGuy came over (Wednesday date night) and said he would google the issue to see if there was a fix for my green screen problem.  He found a thread where a whoooole mess of iPad users said they had gotten rid of the green by dropping their iPad on the floor. They dropped it onto a specific corner of the iPad, and they dropped in onto carpeted floors.  He wanted to try it, but I asked if he could first check to see if this floor dropping routines worked for red screens as well as green, as I had experienced both...and what if the fix for one created permanent damage for the other!  I was in the kitchen getting dinner together while TheMIG researched, and at some point I heard him laughing hysterically.  When I went to see why, he was watching this video:

Then he got out the hammer, tapped my iPad very gently 4 or 5 times, and viola! The green splotches lines disappeared.

Take that, tech support ;-)


Janice in GA said...

That's what's known in the trade as "impact adjustment." :)