Friday, October 26, 2012

playin' around with the fake foliage

I had a little fun today at the big box craft shop...

Fake black fern and poinsettias and oak branches, all studded with glitter...and some springy sequin thingies with glitter spiders and webs on them.  Silly(!), but I picked up this old plated silver vase last week, and I just had to put it to some use! 

 I know they are supposed top be spiders,
but they sort of remind me of ticks...ewww!  hahahaha

I'm thinking after this weekend I'll exchange this for some fall foliage for Thanksgiving, and then I'll swap that out for some evergreen branches for the winter holidays. I betcha in spring the vase will look lovely with some daffodils, too.  Time to put that thrifted vintage find to work!