Sunday, October 14, 2012

sort of like camping

There's a bit of kitchen camping going on at YeOldHouse.  On Thursday, I lost power to half of the kitchen outlets (the most important half, of course!).  There is no power to the stove, the refrigerator, and the section of countertop that holds the coffee maker, the toaster, and the microwave.

My neighbor from two doors down at this place, who is also the electrician who did all the work at TheNewDiggs, came by the afternoon that it went out to take a look.  We were both thinking that I'd burnt a fuse at the box and it would be a quick fix. He was just stopping by on the way home.  Turns out it was not a quick fix at all.  And while he was using his little tool to test the GFI's around the house, he popped off the outlet in the garage, so then there was no power to the garage, either.

Now, all that really needed to happen was to push in the little GFI button on the outlet in the garage, but guess what?!  We couldn't find the outlet!!  We ripped apart the garage and all the crap stored in there looking for it, and couldn't find it.

Two hours later, my electrician neighbor had to go, and I had crap all over my garage so I could no longer park in there, and extension cord connecting the garage door opener to an outlet inside the house, and then to "treat" the original problem, another extension cord was run so I could plug in at least just the refrigerator.

Neither I or my neighbor had time to deal with any of this on Friday or over the weekend.  Today TheMostImportantGuy at least found the danged GFI outlet in the garage. It was hiding behind the post of one of my storage bookcases. Sheesh. We ran a bunch of the junk to the donation station, and cleared up the rest.  So yay! I can at least park in the garage (which really isn't about parking in a garage, it's more about having a handicapped accessible way to get things into the house!).

The fridge however...lordy!  LOL  I have to unplug it to run the microwave, which I sort of need because I have no oven!   Tomorrow my schedule is at odds with the electrician once again, but I he should be able to come on Tuesday.  And tomorrow I'll order a pizza or something.  Oy!

I now modern conveniences are awesome, but sometimes I just long for an icebox.