Sunday, November 11, 2012

shiny and new

I know that not everyone in town was excited that a brand new movie complex was opening this weekend, but we sure were!

We have never had a good experience at the theater closest to us.  The theater itself is not bad, but the movie-goers are the type that talk, text, and bring crying babies to the show.  We have been traveling 30 to 45 minutes to go theaters farther away, but this weekend, this new theater opened up about 15 minutes away.  It's shiny and new, and well laid out (there's even a lounge area inside serving local beers and wines).

TheMostImportantGuy and spent some time trying to figure it out, but we can't even remember the last movie we've seen in a theater. I do believe it's been well over 6 months. I know that many many movies have come and gone that I had wanted to see on the big screen, but missed.  Every weekend that looks like there is an opportunity, we try, but then we never make it.

Today, we finally got out and saw Cloud Atlas.   It was suggested to me that I read the book first, and I plan to read it, but I knew that if I waited to see it until I read it, I'd never get to see it in the theater.  And besides, everyone I know who has seen the movie, whether they read the book or not, has said they wanted to see the movie a second time anyhow, to follow the characters and images.  My plan has been to see the movie, read the book, the get my hands on the dvd when it comes out, with all the extras and commentaries.

I really enjoyed this movie, and without saying too much (no spoilers or anything here, kids), here are my two cents:

~ If the academy is going to nominate actors from this movie for awards, how the heck are they going to do it?  It's an entire cast of supporting actors! 

~ When you see the movie, do stay long enough into the end credits to see the photo reel of what each actor looked like in their various roles.  Each actor played several.  I picked up on most of them, but not all of them....that's for sure. It was surprising what I missed.

~ This movie confirms it for me (and I am snickering here saying that, ok?). Once you're evil to the core, you are evil to the core. That's all there is to it. You'll just keep coming back over and over again, even more evil than the last time, and in the end you'll be so evil you'll just come back just as a ghost-like figment of others' imaginations.  If yer bad to the bone, yer just bad to the bone (and even beyond the bone).

~ Hey! Look! Cinematic proof!! Being able to knit, crochet, or do macrame,  will be a post-apocalyptic skill set!

Does this mean I'll carry my knitting and spinning skills around, lifetime to lifetime??
Now, wouldn't that be cool ;-)


The Bon said...

We saw it a couple of weeks ago and really loved it. I was happily able to follow all the characters through their iterations, and I loved watching how they kind of linked together. I do want to read the book, but I have a much harder time enjoying movies if I've read the book first. If I see the movie first I have a much easier time enjoying both separately. I think it's probably because I'm okay with movies putting pictures into my head that guide what I see when I read a book, but I hate it when movies ruin the pictures I develop while reading.

I also really loved that there were a variety of endings, not just one big happy or one big sad end for everyone.

I will say there were a few characters that I thought weren't evil stacked on evil, that alternated evil and good or even straddled the line as chaos agents.