Friday, December 07, 2012

let the holiday festivities begin

I feel "the season" coming on!

New hat off the needles, and freshly blocked....

The pattern is Cyclone, by Anne Hanson.  Details here ;-)

Friday morning knitting with the ladies, where the bubbly started flowing at 10am.  At noon we moved on to a favorite lunch spot for the annual holiday luncheon and gift swap (and it's the kind of swap where everyone picks a number, and you can steal a gift away from your neighbor).

I stole some wonderful plum jam that was made by Jan, and she had used the plums off of Kimberly's plum tree (I know what's going on my english muffin in the morning!)  The jam also came along with this totally cool thing called a recipe rock that holds papers up for easy viewing.  I can't wait to use this for cooking, as I've been trying out lots of recipes I've pulled off the internet lately and I'm always getting the gooped up.  Or if the recipe is laying flat on the countertop it is hard for me to read easily because I'm often in the wheelchair and the paper is then at the wrong level.  I have to pick the paper up to see it, and if my hands are covered in food already that can be a pain.  So I can't wait to use this thing. (I'm also thinking this might be cool for knitting patterns)

After lunch I came home for just a wee bit, then then it was out again to Vallejo Comedy night.

So close by, so affordable, so cool that there is no age requirement (so MyFavoriteKid could join us).....and sooo danged funny.

And my last little photo is of a motorcycle that was parked out front that was completely wrapped up in holiday paper and then covered with lights.  And it had indeed been ridden to the comedy place, it was not just there for decoration.