Tuesday, December 25, 2012

my little tradition

Enjoy the irony of my little holiday tradition.

I watch the "Yule Log" (which is hours and hours of a fireplace burning set to holiday music) on television....

...whilst my television sits on top of my fireplace.


edited to add: Ya' know, it's probably worth mentioning that the fireplace itself is fake, too!! LOLOL
It's one of those big wooden boxes with a metal insert that you plop anywhere in a room, and you insert these flaming cans of some sterno type substance.  It looks great in the room, holds the tv nicely, and has a perfect match to bookcases that flank it on either side.  The downside is that I have only used it twice.  That gel stuff left a chemical scent in the room, and I had to open a window while burning it! How dumb is that! I wished I had bought an electric fireplace.  Drats.