Sunday, December 02, 2012

ratta tat tat all day

I didn't sleep very peacefully last night.  I am feeling much better than Thursday/Friday, but my gut is still not 100%, which didn't helping any...but what really had me lying awake was the pounding rain!  Oh my gosh, it was just slamming into the side of the house (we were all YeOldHouse last night) and I didn't sleep a wink after 5am.  Instead I sat in bed and cast on a new hat (appropriately called Cyclone), and occasionally got up to look out the windows and watch the rain swirling around and the gutters in the streets flooding up.  It was crazy.  Rain pounding like crazy.  Kind of like drums.

Then MyFavoriteKid practiced snare drum all day (on a practice pad, but's pretty danged loud).  More pounding like crazy.    And then he and I watched the movie Drumline together (seemed like the only way I was going to get any quality time with him, so hey).    And because that movie is nothing like drumline, mommmmm.... we then watched an hour of the 2012 DCI (Drum Corps International) Finals and various things like that on YouTube.  He even had Teeny watching at one point.

From the looks of things, Teeny probably wasn't enjoying it as much as he may have liked ;-)

I love my kid. I love it that he is in drumline.  I love that he is totally focused and into the whole experience. I even love marching band stuff---totally, I do. Love it. 
But today I was tooootally over-saturated!  By pounding rain and pounding drums!

It stopped an hour ago, and I swear my ears are still hearing a ratta tat tat.