Sunday, December 23, 2012

sunday slacker!

This is the first time in weeeeeks that MyFavoriteKid has been off at his dad's for a few days. I love him so, but it is nice to have a break so much from him, but from the constant feeding of a male teenager!
It was pouring rain today, another excuse to stay in.
I did cook, but mostly read and watched movies. I did have to venture out to the market at one point for rations (not so much for today, but preparing for the holiday store closures).
And I am still so slacky that I couldn't even get out of bed to grab the's all happening here on the ipad. LOL. Tomorrow I need to step up to the plate and lead practice at the zen center and visit the convalescent hospital with a few gifts, then home to wrap some presents before meeting my folks for dinner out.
It's sounding pretty good to me ;-)
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