Thursday, March 21, 2013

close, but no cigar

The post has been written. I wrote it this morning before going to teach the senior center knitting class.

It is one hot mess. 
It's not clear at all. It's a rambling pile of jibberish, with lots of typos.  It needs an editing, but it's almost midnight, and it's not going to get done for another hour or so....and I need to get my daily post!

I think what has me dragging my heels on this one is that I so badly want all of this to just go away ....but every time I write about it or re-read what I have written, I don't get to do what I really want to do, and that is to try and let it go.

Dance class was tonight.  We Circle Danced together in honor of the Vernal Equinox.  Another dancer high, another good note to end my day on, so end it here, I will.  And I'll take one more crack at editing tomorrow. If I can't get it done myself, I'll call TheMostImportantGuy in for reinforcement tomorrow night and see if he can make any sense out of what I have written and edit it for me.