Saturday, March 16, 2013

snaps on saturday

Early-ish (for a Saturday) morning getting MyFavoriteKid out the door for his field trip. Up at 7:45am, at the school by 9am. Shortly thereafter, having a bagel at the Vallejo Ferry Building cafe, where I saw this huuuuge painting that I swear I'd consider buying if it was for sale.

I love it so.  Not sure why exactly. A happy-mope I can relate to I guess. LOL

We were down by the waterfront having breakfast so we could then head over to the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Vallejo Daffodil Project, and neighborhood beautification group.

The founder.
I love this lady.
I wish I could adopt her to be my local my grandma.

Then on to the Rakkasah for a little dancin' and a little shoppin'.

Whooped. Bedtime now.
Don't have to be anywhere until 3pm...whoot!
MyFK is coming down with a cold though, probably from all the overwork and extra rehearsals, so I'm sure I will be nursemaid tomorrow. I must get him well. He leaves on his band spring break field trip to Disney World on Thursday!



Pickyknitter said...

That picture reminds me of the works of Breughel... with the people in the villages (possibly dying from plague).