Sunday, March 03, 2013

snaps on sunday, too

I just got a note from my friend Sandy worried about whether or not I was okay because she noticed that there was no post yesterday! But I did post yesterday!!  I typed it up, hit publish, and off to bed I went. Except that I had mistakenly posted it to another blog that I set up but haven't used's for the high school knitting group! Doh! I deleted the post from there and moved it over here.  It should be just below this one ;-)

As for today:

Seven of us today at TheNewDiggs today snacking and playing "Cards Against Humanity ~ A Party Game for Horrible People", which was a total riot.  It was my first time playing, and I definitely see an expansion set or two in my future, for sure :-)

We had a late lunch or early dinner (dunch? linner??) and I kept it as simple as I could given the fact that at least 4 of us are on some sort of restrictive diet. I think everyone got a little bit of something or another. I made a cheese plate, a hearty salad and some sandwiches (roast beef/arugula/horseradish cream and hummus/cucumber/tomato, all on little ciabatta rolls).  Oh, and top things off, there was a plate of italian-ish cookies.  There was beer, but the house cocktail of the day was prosecco with a float of Hibiscus Liqueur.

So I cleaned up everything there and am now back at YeOldHouse.  I'm about to tuck myself in and maybe do a little knitting....but not for long I bet, as I am still exhausted from yesterday and this week will be just as busy as last week.

Hope you all had a good weekend, too!  :-)