Wednesday, April 10, 2013

my brush with fame

Today was verrrrry special.   After years of reading each others' blogs and sending each other little packages of goodies from time to time, I had a Skype date with Haldechick of Snakland !!

She's in Florida, I'm in California, so we had a lunch date (for her, a breakfast date for me).  There's us taking pics of each other on the webcam...hahahaha.  I got to see a tour of her studio and learn about about her method of making ceramics (I have several things of hers...the owls in our bedroom, the baby heads in our livingroom, the barfly dish that catches my keys, my coffee cup with the birdie on it....and let's not get started about the yarn and lip balm of hers I have, too!).    Do check out her shop-- HaldeCraft!

I was a little nervous!  We planned it a few days prior, so I had several days to spin my wheels and wonder what I might wear, what I'd eat for breakfast that I wouldn't be picking out of my teeth, and worry that maybe she'd not like me quite as much once I opened my mouth. It was sort of like a blind date! Only not. LOL (for the record, it was my 9am tshirt and yoga pants with a hat to cover up the bed head, no make-up, a smoothie and a hardboiled egg, and I don't think I made a huge ass out myself... LOL).  By way of her blog and Facebook I've come to know her as hilarious and snarky (Snarkland, go figure) but insightful and serious about things dear to her heart. She was all that and more in person, and absolutely even more fun live and in-action.

All of our pets made appearances, and her hubby strolled through at one point.  It was so much fun to "meet" her (as close to meeting as we may ever get, given the distance), and I hope we do it again!!


Denise said...

Giggle. I was scrolling along in my feedreader and happily not reading a darn thing when Lorena's picture popped up on YOUR blog. I did a doubletake, thinking I had accidentally moved her into the wrong folder.

But no, it's way better than that.

It's so awesome that y'all skyped. Lorena is one of the nicest and most talented people I've ever had the honor of hugging, lol.

Unknown said...

OMG MY HAIR IS A MESS!!!a;ldjfa;sdkjfa;sjdf


(hugs Denise, and then hugs her again for TW)

I had SO much fun chatting with you - I hope I didn't monopolize the conversation. You were exactly as wonderful as I knew you would be; it's a good thing we live far apart or I would want to hang out with you all the time!

~Donna~ said...

I just want to THANK YOU for the links in this post. I am now going to get some black/orange/white self-striping yarn to make Spencer's SF Giants Socks.

I contacted Lorena who didn't have what I needed, but she sent me over to String Theory Colorworks who had EXACTLY what I needed.

I am a happy knitter now and will DEFINITELY patronize both shops in the future. :)