Friday, May 24, 2013

dear universe:

Dear Universe:

Okay. You can stop now.  Just. Stop.
You've had your fun. 

First it was the dog's butt. That was a massive chunk of change and a whole lotta effort.

Then yesterday, it was the garage door.  I hit the power switch so we could leave to take MyFavoriteKid to school, and I heard an odd pop. The cable had spun off its spool and wrapped around the support rod. The door wouldn't close, not even manually. I couldn't just leave my garage wide open, so I had to call in a repair guy for an urgent visit. More time and dollars spent.

But today?  Well, today took the cake.  Today I had to bring the car into the dealership because I couldn't lock the rear passenger door. The auto-lock mechanism wasn't working correctly.  I'd lock the doors (or the car would lock itself, as it does once you are driving the road for a minute or so), and the back door lock would pop back open.  I might as well have just hung a "break into me" sign on the door.  I thought maybe the damn thing just needed a shot of WD40 or something, but nooooooo. No, the whole danged locking mechanism had to be changed out!  More money out.  Two hours spent at the shop.

Universe, you seem to like it when things happen in threes, right? case you aren't counting....


I do believe I have fulfilled my quota for awhile, would you not agree> 

Let me also tell you, one other thing, Dear Universe....and that is fact that I am due for at least one day of rest.....but let me clear and tell you that I am onto you.  I know how you are.  If I ask for a break and then you give me the flu, or a migraine, or some other mini (or grand) disaster, and then say, "SEE! LOOK! You are resting!!!" ...


It is  not at all what I am talking about.
You and I both know that is not what I am looking for.
 I am looking for a day with no drama, a day with a little breathing room and no lost time or money. A day to catch up with stuff and perhaps enjoy an extra finer thing or two.

I'll work on manifesting that visually from my end (granola!!!)....and you....well, you just make it so.

With So Much Love ~