Thursday, May 30, 2013

heart attck

It's very late. I'm halfway between being on and in my bed. I'm working on a post.  I hear MrDarcy (the tuxedo cat) come in through the cat door (finally) and I'm about to get out of / off of my bed to go shut the door.

Darcy jumps up on the bed and spits out some big brown blob dead center in the middle of the king sized white bedspread.  I am trying to figure out what he's got but I can't see...the lights are too dim and I am thinking to myself that it sucks that I need some reading glasses, and that's when I see the brown blob is moving and it has a whole lotta legs and holy crap it sure does look like a tarantula (!) but wait we dont have any tarantulas here, do we (?) but maybe it's one of those potato bug things (?) and all off these thoughts are running through my head as I am flying through the air off my bed and screaming, basically.  Lordy.

It ended up being the biggest cricket sort of thing I have ever seen in my life, and he's hopping around and hard to catch, and by the time I finally catch him I have given up on the idea of taking a photo of him for the blog so that you'll believe me how big he if I am going to get him to pose for the camera or something, right?? LOL

Well, I caught him and set him free in the jasmine bush outside of the front door.  And I caught my breath after almost having a heart attack.  And now whatever post it was I was working on is just way way out of my mind by now.

(edited Friday morning for clarity and a whole lotta adrenalin built in typos LOL)


Unknown said...

Oh mah gawd.

I'm not laughing with you; I'm screaming with you and you're going to have to unhook me from the light in the ceiling because I'm holding onto it for dear life lest I fall and land near that creature.