Monday, May 06, 2013


I realize this is a first world problem, but ohmygosh, did I ever get lost in IKEA today.

I purposely waited for a weekday morning when it's nice and slow so that I could run in and pick up three things:
~ a few magnetic boards (a photo project at TheNewDiggs coming soon!)
~ a glass (to replace one in set I broke)
~ and a couple replacement light bulbs for my folks

I don't go to IKEA all that often, but I knew that all of these things would be on the marketplace floor and where, and this was going to be one very quick dash-in/dash-out affair. 

I walked through the marketplace door, and they had rearranged everything. By everything, I mean that not only did they relocate the various departments (kitchen, bath, organization, etc), but the had also moved the walls around, and therefore the maze that IKEA can be was totally not where it had formally been.  Employees were all over the place moving stuff and stocking shelves and even they didn't know where anything was when I asked for help!

Of course, we all know that stores rearrange so that we will get lost and therefore discover new things to buy as we find our way.  And I did leave with more than 3 items (add cute paper napkins and some shelves my handyman suggested I check out for next to the stove in the kitchen).   

But 15 minute dash-in/dash out?


painting with fire said...

Have spent way too much time at IKEA lately and know just what you mean - last time I was there they had completely rearranged - and I'm in a different state but wonder if they ALL did that. Feels like one is losing one's marbles!