Thursday, May 09, 2013

one thing i will never get sick of

Thanks to volunteering for 5 weeks in a row, I'm a little bit sick of looking at the interior of the high school band department/theater.

That being said, I will never get sick of seeing MyFavoritKid on that same stage.

(a Super-Booster-Mom has already put up a video)

The school hosts two more weekends of the Music In The Parks events (in which I volunteer....MyFK, volunteers, too!... as other schools visit ours to be adjudicated). Once Music In The Parks is done, I think MyFK only has one more performance this year:
Performing Pomp & Circumstance at the graduation ceremony for seniors.

Being that this school is only 3 years old and the first year open, the school started only with Freshman & Sophomore's, this year is the school's first graduating class!


Tonight on the way home, MyFK and I were talking about how over the last few months I've started to notice that I'm in the very beginning stages of "missing him" as he grows up and is noticeably "growing away".  He hasn't really gone anywhere, not nearly as far as he will go once he is of age, that's for darn sure....and he's been headed towards independence and autonomy since the day he was born, right??  I've noticed it all through his growing up, or course.  But in the last few months, there has been another wave of detachment, and it's noticeable.  It's right on track, it's how this deal goes, but it's real interesting that I am starting to really feel the difference within myself. 
MyFK told me he's already missing me a bit, too...and that he loves me. 
And then he asked me to tuck him in ;-) 

Somehow I think no matter how old your kid gets, your kid will always be your kid.


~Donna~ said...


This brought tears to my eyes as I know exactly how you feel.

Believe it or not, this is the easy part, but it prepares you for the totally different feeling you get when they finally move out.

Spence has invited me down to LA for a Mother's Day event. I can't wait to go - I miss him!

Happy Mother's Day to you and MyFK!!

sandy said...

Sadly, that's how the deal goes.
It's hard to let go....i'm teary eyed.

painting with fire said...

My last child will leave for college in the fall, his sisters have both been gone for a while so yeah. A few years back my husband asked his father when he stopped worrying about his kids. Dad said he didn't know - it hadn't happened yet. At the time his oldest child was 67 :-)