Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I made a little list today of the many small things that are weighing on my mind lately.  None of them are huge, individually.  Collectively, though? Oy vey.

I woke up this morning and TheMostImportantGuy was looking at me from the next pillow over, and he was looking all smiley and loving, and I was looking back....all smiley and lovey...the best I could...even though my mind was already beginning it's daily list of troubles.  But smiley and lovey I was.  And then TheMIG said, "You look worried."

I can't even hide it!  Gah.

Once I get into a mental cycle like this, I'm a little wacked.  Deer in the headlights on the outside, racing mind on the inside, basically.  Today I tried to take a little break from my thoughts and do a little "window shopping" on Amazon.  At the beginning, it was very effective!!  And then a few minutes later I realized that I was worrying even worse than before, and that's when I realized I was shopping Amazon for earthquake and disaster supplies!!!!

I had a good laugh at that one.  LOL
I am such a nutjob sometimes!  I am so glad I can laugh at myself, it's awesome.

But it doesn't decrease the list of worries any.