Thursday, June 13, 2013

dear universe (it's me again)

Actually, I cannot bear to write another letter to The Universe.  How many have I already written here on the blog in the past few weeks?? Three? Four? 

Nothing has changed. Crazy bizarre things continue to happen to me. 

The new things on the list of strange things happening to me?? For just last night and today??
~ A cracked tooth. 
~ A huge problem with internet/phone service at YeOldHouse resulting in a preliminary four hours on the phone, a trip to the storefront for an exchange, another then another couple of hours on the phone, upon returning home....and it's still not fixed (I have internet again finally, but still no phone).
~ And the plumber working over at TheNewDiggs did something with the water main that ended up blowing out the last working toilet, and it was so strong it also blew out the city owned backflow thingamajiggy in the front yard, so water was squirting out in the yarn for hours and hours.

I am beginning to think that all of this might not be TheUniverse's doing.

I am beginning to think that I have pissed someone off, and that someone has made a little AmpuTeeHee voodoo doll and is throwing weird things at it (it=me).  I cant figure out how else I could possibly have this many odd things go wrong (what are we up to now, 12? 16? I have lost count) in what...4 weeks time?

Oddly enough, I am still laughing about it all. 

Except that my laughter is starting to turn into crazy giggly laughter. 
I heard it coming out of myself a couple of times today, and I did not even sound like myself, and I was strangely detached enough from myself that I was able to see myself and hear my own laughter as if I was one foot outside of my own body.
It sort of sounded like the like the maniacal laughter one might hear emanating from a padded room. 

Not good. 


~Donna~ said...

Good lord, what did he do, throw dynamite down the pipe??

Big hug.

RobinGail said...

>so water was squirting out in the yarn

For a knitter, not a good situation. Not a good situation at all :-)

The Bon said...

Ugh. Boo to crazy things! Boo!

Lorena said...

Oh, dear. Sending you love and peace of mind! And good vibes!