Monday, June 10, 2013

its a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

 (this is in the neighborhood of YeOldHouse)

Ok, not want you want to see as you are rounding the corner heading for your house, right??? 
I tried to pretend the circus had come to town (because that's what I think the exterminator is trying to get me to believe), but I do not believe that is the case. ;-)

This house is up the road a spit (thank the lord it isn't right next door to me), but rumor has it that several houses in the area are showing signs of termite damage.

I heard this very same rumor from the building inspector I hired when I purchased the house, too. He saw no termite damage, but said there were issues with several houses in our little gated community of 120 units. 

And that is why I have taken preventative measures ever since I have lived here.  In fact, my termite guy was just here last week looking all over the ins and outs and underneaths of my house, and I still have no signs of termites. He did find a couple of spots near the foundation underneath the house that needed a spritz of something mold reducing (thanks gardener guy for directing that sprinkler for the hedges towards my foundation--duh!!), and there is some rotten trim near the exterior exhaust for the clothes dryer that needs replacing....but no sign of termites. Just termite food in the making, and I'm gettin' it outta here this week, baby!!
Because my life is already like a high wire act these days. 
The last thing I need is to be the ringmaster of my very own big-top!!