Monday, June 03, 2013

ketchup. pics from the weekend.

On Saturday, for TheMostImportantGuy's birthday, we started with breakfast out and then we traveled up to see his family. There was a warm greeting from his mom that gave him a big smile, and she baked his favorite cake.

In addition to visiting with family, there might have been a couple of pitstops at dive bars (one on the way in, one on the way back).

I mean, why not. The BirthdayBoy loooves a dive bar hunting (me too!), and he found some reviews online of two places that sounded like "must-sees" and were right on our route.  We stopped at Phat Chad's on the way in...super cool place....we were there during the day with the owner and just a few regulars.  And then on the way home, we could not resist stopping at Thompson's Corner, because how do not stop at a dive bar that has a review that starts off by saying:

"First off I'm really into all of the underwear on the ceiling and I would have gladly added mine but I wasn't wearing any. I love this place. I went in at like 7pm on a saturday and some drunk mom was trying to explain the touch screen jukebox to us."

Yup. That about said it all.


It might also be interesting to note that it's the oldest bar in the county, circa 1902 (and yay for having a smartphone now and being able to look up crap like that while sitting there!).

We didn't have to rush home Saturday night because MyFavoriteKid was off at TheEx's for the weekend, and also because we'd set the dogs up for an overnight stay at the doggie play place.

We picked up the dogs from the play place on Sunday morning, that was the start of a roller coaster day for them. At first, having been left overnight, they were thrilled to see us.  Then, we took them to the vet, and that was a real downer (it was just Teeny at the vet....for her recheck...and she passed with flying colors...Riley was just there for moral support LOL).
After the vet, they were rewarded with a trip to Point Isabel, which we actually refer to as the CrazyCrazy Dog Park.

After the thrill and excitement of the wild off leash adventure, they poor dears ended up being dragged into the self-serve dog wash.
I washed Riley, TheMIG washed Teeny.

Ohhh noooooo.
Not a happy ending!  (heh)


Lorena said...

Is that a dog park that is either on some sort of jetty, or is divided down the middle by a canal? I'm just curious because another friend of mine in your area posted a picture of a very similar place where she takes her dogs, almost daily, and, well, what are the chances?! "Hey, you're from California! Do you know my friend Fred? It's a small state, I'm sure you know each other!" LOL