Sunday, June 23, 2013

snaps on saturday

Ok, so now I am going to marching band competitions without MyFavoriteKid either in the band, or joining me in attendance.

Today was a big competition at Stanford.  Being that it was MyFK's birthday weekend, when they went on sale (5 months early). I asked him if he might want to go as a birthday present and bring a friend or two.  He was so very excited, so I bought 4 tix.

Then his father, TheEX (and this is why he is TheEx) bought tickets for a rock concert on the very same night, also thinking that MyFK might want to go.  

MyFK had a big decision to make, and he opted for the rock concert (even though he committed to the marching band event months earlier), and I didn't feel like I could refuse, because it's his birthday (had it been other time, I'd have told his dad to go screw himself).  And here I was tonight with tickets (even though MyFK tried real hard to sell them off to drumline buddies). 

So I went. TheMostImportantGuy came, too....and I sold the other 2 tickets at at deep discount at the gate.  And we actually had a great time.  I went as a Blue Devils fan, and they won by a couple of points tonight...but I have to say it: The Carolina Crown was so good my eyes tear up more than once. the audience went nuts over them, were on their feet several times throughout their show, and booed when they came in 2nd.  Me thinks the Blue Devils might have a run for the money this year as they work up towards finals!  Go Go Blue Devils!