Wednesday, July 03, 2013

when all else fails, time for bullets

Blogger/blogspot is having issues with uploading photos. I thought it was user error (as it usually is), but it aint.  And I have photo heavy posts holding up the train over here. 

Meanwhile, so I dont shoot Blogger, here's the bullets:

* One post in the wings is about the synchronized swimming national competition I went to while killing time in Riverside. Freakin' awesome.

* The other photo heavy post in waiting (so heavy it might need to be multiple posts) is the trip I took to Big Bear on one of the Riverside days while MyFavoriteKid had a 13 hour camp day.  Going to Big Bear was not just a little day trip, no.  Why? I grew up there! Toootal trip down memory lane. Lots o' pics of old haunts.

* Bathroom remodel is going sloooow.  Our crew is amazing, but they are all guys with kids, and all are working short days due to childcare or are taking summer trips.  This is gonna take foreverrrr. And it's going to be lovely :-)

* MyFK lectured me today about not knowing how to handle stress, and perhaps he could teach me how to breathe through things. (hmm)

* I didn't realize until today that it was Day 5 of Le Tour de France. I never miss it. How did I miss it?!!

* I am knitting a bit again, hands are hurting less.

* But I lost one of my Signature Needle Arts dpn's (for the non-knitter, that translates into: ~kachink!!~)

* The peaches on my tree went from super firm to super soft over the few days we were gone and the temps were in the hundreds.  I have to get busy canning!

* MyFK was supposed to go up to his friend's grandparent's farm on Tuesday, but there was a call for early season high school drumline rehearsals Tuesday and Wednesday. Damn, they are starting early, and damn this means I have to drive him up to the farm (3 hours each way) tomorrow, on the fourth of July holiday. Gah.

* I am out of bullets now, I think.

* Good, right?