Wednesday, September 04, 2013

busy day, busy night!

Bright and early, another friggin' doctor's appointment (there have been a lot lately).  Today's was just a check in my regular MD, but that was followed by a visit to the lab and then the injection clinic to boost my tetanus. 

Finished that and did a bunch of running around to a couple of big box hardware stores, then straight from there over the high school because it was the first open meeting of the campus knitting club!

They did a presentation about upcoming projects where they knit for charity, they were all prepared with hand outs and yarn, and earlier in the day the sold headbands as a fundraiser. Cool, right?? (that grey one mighta came home with me LOL)

Then back home for just a quick pitstop, then on to a City Council meeting....where I spoke at the little podium! 

I dont think I've ever done that before!!  It was a meeting about a new business going in on the corner near TheNewDiggs. The best I can tell from the corporate website, it going to be sort of a glorified Dollar Store or mini-Walmart-ish type of thing, with mosty processed and packaged and frozen foods and very little of anything fresh.  Oh, and the big deal is that they want a license to sell beer and wine, even though our neighborhood has already been deemed over-saturated with liquor licenses. 

It all passed, it's going in...but it was really nice to hear the planning commission peeps recognize our concerns about garbage and traffic, etc. And it was nice to make our faces known to the guy who is in charge of rolling out new stores ('cuz now he knows I'll be bringing any garbage I find in my yard to his manager).

It's sad we aren't getting a real little mom and pop grocery store in there (that's what used to be there in the 50's and 60's), but such is life.  At least I'll be able to buy a roll of emergency toilet paper without getting in the car, I suppose.  And at least the corner will have a little landscaping and wont be a target for graffiti anymore!

I'm super whooped. Off to bed! 5:30am wake up times in BandMomMode are sorta ruling my nightlife!