Tuesday, September 10, 2013

my little find

Yesterday I was on the fly in the East Bay and grabbed myself a sandwich to go at Whole Foods while picking up a few hard to find groceries for the week.   The sandwich was kind of "meh".  It was a bunch of caprese ingredients on a baguette, so fresh mozzarella, tomato, and basil. There wasn't a bit of seasoning nor any balsamic vinegar, and because the sandwich was in the pre-pack "to go" area, the bread was very dense and chewy.

I was driving to my next thing, chewing away at this mass of should-be-better but aint-so-good, when I found my mind wandering to Paris.  I will never forget all the little sandwich displays on the sidewalks out front of restaurants, and how you could grab any one of them and you were guaranteed a winner. Oh, the bread. OhMyGawd, the bread in Paris.  *sigh!*

Well!  Today I had a physical therapy appointment, and when I headed for my car I went a different direction than I normally travel, I found myself right on the little patio of La Fable.  All I wanted was a little fo' real french jamon (ham) sandwich, and holy crap.  For 12 bucks I got that annnnnd...

....lobster bisque and a tuna sandwich, too!!

Oh man, it was SO. GOOD.  I ate the soup and the jamon parisienne, and I just dusted off the tuna for dinner.   I am soooo going back there. Like, ASAP.
Why on earth would anyone eat fast crap food?!!!


The Bon said...

that looks amazing!